My personal marketing plan is designed to achieve the maximum selling price for your home by leveraging the assets of the property and current market conditions.

Comparative Market Analysis and Marketing Plan

This Comparative Market Analysis will help to determine the correct listing price for your home. We will review the current real estate market and assess comparable home sales. Ultimately, the correct selling price is the highest possible price that the market will bear.

This Comparative Market Analysis and Marketing Plan is outlined in the following steps:
  1. Review of Your Home
  2. Review of the Market and Comparable Homes
  3. Listing Plan for a Successful Sale
  4. Marketing Plan
  5. Negotiating and Closing Plan


Before Listing:

  • Evaluate the property and develop a personalized marketing strategy 
  • Prepare your home for sale to optimize pricing and exposure levels
  • Provide referrals and coordinate with trusted service providers

Establishing Market Presence:

  • Take high quality photos of the home for best presentation 
  • Comprehensive input of listing into CRMLS 
  • Strategize content detail, description, and photo content and order 
  • Proliferation to Web 
  • Post sign to signal availability & location 
  • Provide lockbox for easy access 
  • Ready to show

On the Market:

  • I watch the market every day to assess competition and trends
  • I will edit the listing as required. Tweak marketing or property presentation for competitive advantage
  • Hold broker tour to promote your home to local agents

I will do what needs to be done.

Communication Strategy:

  • Email & communication with you often and regularly
  • Show you what is happening with the market and with the property
  • Evaluate any reports received and determine best course of action
  • Call every agent who has shown the homes and obtain feedback for you
  • Respond to all inquires regarding your home
  • Analyze market feedback and provide suggestions
  • Provide you with constant market updates with a detailed analysis of the market: new listings, pendings & solds

Negotiating and Closing Plan:

  • Assess All Offers and Negotiate
  • Strong and weak points of each offer. Think of both price and terms
  • Assess your position relative to the current market
  • Reduce the risk of a sale fail or a grief-filled transaction

Negotiation During the Transaction:

  • Home Inspection
  • Pest Inspection
  • Request for Repair
  • Proposed changes

Review the Transaction Checklist Regularly:

  • Seller Requirements
  • Buyer Requirements
  • Escrow, Lender, Title, Home Inspection, Pest Inspection
  • Contingencies – scheduled dates
  • Completeness of forms
  • Be pro-active. Look for potential problems before they happen
  • Be productive. Get signatures and copies to the right people on time


  • The sale can be lost in the paper process
  • Follow up is critical to a successful sale
  • Time is of the essence


What Does NOT Affect Market Value:

  • What you paid for the house
  • Your remodeling costs
  • What I say your house is worth
  • What other real estate agents say your house is worth
  • What an appraiser says your house is worth
  • What the tax assessor says your house is worth
  • What your neighbors say your house is worth
  • What your friends say your house is worth
  • How much you want for the house
  • The amount of cash you need to buy your next home

How is Market Value Determined?

Value is determined by what a buyer is willing to pay in today’s market based on the comparison of your home to Others on the market, both in your neighborhood and in other neighborhoods

Who determines Market Value? BUYERS!

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